TTO vwo: Getting to know Dutch society

Social studies is about the way we model our society. How do we communicate with each other? How do we solve problems? We deal with these questions under four main themes in our book ‘Getting to know Dutch society’ (2013).

Why Getting to know Dutch society?

clear structure. Each chapter has the same setup
a list of terms at the end of each chapter
extensive use of current events and developments
room to present and defend a point of view on a topic

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TTO Getting to know Dutch society

Engelse vertaling van Thema’s Maatschappijleer voor VWO 4e druk (2013)

Course book (2013)
ISBN 978-90-8674-119-9
Let op: dit is de oude methode – alle informatie over de nieuwe Engelstalige methode volgt snel op deze pagina. De ISBN van de nieuwe methode staat op de boekenlijst (home-methode-boekenlijst havo)

Work book (2013)
ISBN 978-90-8674-122-9

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Social studies as a vwo subject aims to prepare the student for participation in Dutch society.
The method consists of a textbook and a workbook, both in full colour. The writing style is straightforward. The examples are up-to-date and consistent with how students experience the world.

Each chapter in the textbook covers four pages including attractive pictures, infographics, and engaging stories for reflection, all relevant to the chapter’s specific content. The workbook contains a large quantity of diverse assignments.

The method is suitable for the fourth and / or fifth year of vwo.

Getting to know Dutch society covers the following topics:

The Netherlands as:

a state under the rule of law
a parliamentary democracy
a pluralist society
a welfare state

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The vwo team consists of enthusiastic, experienced and creative authors. They all have experience as a social studies teacher and a good dose of didactic knowledge and editorial skills.

A nice combination of theory and practice, just as we design our teaching methods

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